Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Connectify 6 Hotspot Pro + Connectify Dis 6 Latest

Connectify 6 Hotspot Pro + Connectify Dis 6 Latest
Connectify 6 Hotspot Pro + Connectify Dis 6 Latest is here! This is a major new relse that is the latest and grtest for both Connectify Hotspot and Dis. To celebrate the relse of Connectify 6, we’re giving you 25% OFF any Connectify Hotspot PRO or Dis Lifetime . To take advantage of this limited-time offer, or apply coupon-: CONNECTIFY6 when you purchase from the Connectify Store. I suggest that all Connectify Hotspot Lite/PRO and Dis users update to Connectify 6 immediately.
Relse Notes:New Look for Hotspot: Connectify Hotspot has a new look. Lots of changes here rd below.
The user interface is no longer always on top, is resizble, and can be moved anywhere on the desktop.Additionally, the menu has been expanded into a menu bar, so everything’s sier to find.s just got sier. There is a erate button that will suggest a new, random . By default the is shown in the status bar for sy access while the Hotspot is running (but there’s a “Hide” link right there, if you don’t want your displayed).Switchboard and Dis Compatibility: For all those people with both Dis and Switchboard, you can now run them both at the same time. Switchboard Internet access wins out over Dis Local. But, running a personal server, you can then share Internet via Hotspot and share Dis client access. You can also use Switchboard to VPN somewhere without using Internet from the hub, and use Dis Local to balance your connection. Note that you need Connectify 6 and Switchboard Beta 4 (coming soon) to use this. Faster, more accurate speed testing in Dis: Dis’s speed tests of Internet connections are faster and more accurate now. Dropped support for WPS thumbdrives: Hotspot no longer has the “Save Settings to Thumbdrive” option to write the connection settings to a USB thumb drive. 8 has dropped support for that fture, and won’t use the drives that Connectify sets up. “Clone Wi-Fi” is now “Wi-Fi Extender”: The “Clone Wi-Fi” fture has been renamed to “Wi-Fi Extender” as that is clrer, more commonly used name for this sort of thing. It’s also a lot sier to find, right in the Tools menu. More Icons: Updated vendor database with more companies and icons for Clients.

Introducing Connectify 6!
This software package includes everything you need to run Connectify Hotspot Lite, Hotspot PRO, and Dis. Connectify 6 is here! This is a major new relse of Connectify Hotspot and Dis that includes updates to look-and-feel, improved stability, and new ftures.How To Install

1: Launch the Connectify Installer: Launch the Connectify Installer that you’ve just downloaded, by double-clicking the installer’s .exe icon or launching it directly from your browser’s download manager.
2: Run and Confirm: Click ‘Run’ if asks ‘Do you want to run this file?’ and ‘Yes’ when the User Account Controls menu asks ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.3: Agree and Install: Simply press ‘I Agree’ on the Connectify installer’s page to install Connectify Hotspot. Upon completion, Connectify will be running in your system tray down by the clock.

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Connectify 6 Hotspot Pro + Connectify Dis 6 Latest - (6.4 MB) Also See The Connectify 7 Hotspot PRO and Dis PRO Full Version : rajibkhaja

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