Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Android [Mod] Apk Files » Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid

2014_08_30_13.40.20.jpgWther Now ( Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid , live wp)v3.4.1 PaidBring your wther experience to the next level with the most butiful and convenient wther app, ever.Wther Now is a fabulous combination of wther live wallpaper, which animates local wther, time of day and sson on ANY custom background, and a set of butiful wther Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid !Based on an original id, Wther Now lets you pick from your gallery (or use one of embedded s) and put animation of your current wther right over it on your home screen. sy-to-setup, customizable and butiful wther Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid will also bring you all local wther info you need, including detailed wther conditions and 5-days forecast.Gorgeous Wther Live Wallpaper★ Local or custom wther animations over any from your gallery★ Animated sun, moon, rain, snow, stars, clouds, lightning, fog and frost★ Stunning wther effects like raindrops or snowflakes on screen★ Time of day, ssons and color animations★ Cool color effects and photo filters like winter, spring, summer, autumn, sepia, b&w and neon★ Manual control of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue★ Embedded gallery★ Slideshow★ Special 3D panoramic mode★ sy-to-use settings with interactive preview★ Daydrm support★ More ftures inside!Butiful Wther Widgets★ Customizable backgrounds, colors and fonts★ Customizable units, formats and appliion shortcuts★ Home screen and lock screen layouts★ sy-to-use settings with interactive preview★ Customizable wther update interval★ Several different wther providers (including AccuWther and Wther Underground)Local Wther Forecast★ Current wther conditions, RlFeel, high and low temp★ Today, tonight and tomorrow predictions★ Humidity, Pressure, Precipitation, UV, Wind Speed and Direction information★ Sunset and Sunrise information★ 5-days forecastAll wther effects can be tuned for your taste. Clouds, snow and rain depend on current wind speed and direction. Moon shows actual moon phase.You can choose between rl wther conditions or pick whatever you want right now. You can sily crte your own live wallpapers such as snowfalls, rainstorms, lightning storms, frosted , rainy screens, sunny days with delighted sun-rays and so on.All effects and animations can be applied to ANY from your gallery, whether it is a rl photo or your favorite wallpaper. Full HD rdy, no quality loss!Wther Now works well on both phone and tablet devices, uses low system resources and conserves your battery life!HELPFUL TIPSWidgets cannot be used when installed on SD, it's a system requirement. To add Wther & Clock info, plse open your apps, switch to Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid tab and srch for Wther Now Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid there. Long-tap on a widget you want and drag it onto your home screen.You can adjust Sun and Moon positions depending on your current background with your fingers. Drag them slowly!Raindrops can be clned from screen by your fingers too!Battery and RAM usage could be more than expected for live wallpaper because of settings with interactive preview and Root Wther Now (widgets, live wp) v3.4.1 Paid . You do not have to worry about it, Android manages memory by itself.In order to use automatic loion, Google Loion Service should be enabled in system settings. If you want to manually set your loion but unable to find your city, try to type it in English, plse.PERMISSIONS EXPLAINEDCOARSE LOION required to loe automatically and correctly animate current wther and time of dayFULL INTERNET ACCESS required to get local forecastSTORAGE required to support custom backgroundsPlse Rate & Comment!For any questions, suggestions or bug reports plse email us at hamsters@hamsterbt.comHamster Bt Tm.All delicious android apps by hamsters drummers.Link:Secured URLSecured URL:excited::excited::excited::excited:Attached s2014_08_30_13.40.20.jpg (23.2 KB)

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