Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Android [Mod] Apk Files » ANT+ Enabler v1.80

Requirements: Android v4.2 and above - Overview about ANT+ Enabler v1.80
Full Download MOd Android [Mod] Apk Files » ANT+ Enabler v1.80 and Link : The only ANT+ on the market. Enable built-in ANT+ hardware on your phone.6.jpgThe only ANT+ on the market worked on 5 & 10, _One (M7), G2.Enable built-in ANT+ hardware on your phone. Supports Android 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.4 and above.10-days money back guarantee, no questions asked!Require rooted device and superuser app to install and uninstall.Requirement:- Bluetooth radio with ANT+ fture- Root permission and super user app- 5, 10, One (M7), G2- "S-OFF" for stock One (M7) buildHighlight:- Work together with Bluetooth- Root permission NOT required to run ANT+ app after ANT+ enabled- Support Supersu clnup and unroot. Root permission can be permanently removed after ANT+ enabled.- Enable/Disable ANT+ anytime you want- Compatible with android OTA upgrade- sy to uninstall- Reported by users, it also worked on Galaxy_Note3, Galaxy_S4 Google Play Edition, G3(model F400K)- 10-days no questions asked refund policyKnown issues:- Endomondo requires to install ANT+ USB Service to detect ANT+ on your phone- ANT+ and G2 FM Radio cannot work at same time. ANT+ needs to be disabled before turning on FM Radio- Some customized ROM builds might not work- Other models of G3 not workIf you have any issues and need support or just want refund, plse email me first. Writing a negative review won't help much. I cannot support or refund you without email address and order #Review feedback:It seemed people complained about the price and some even go further to undercut my hard work. Plse allow me to explain. This is no simple task. It's not a simple configuration tool that turns on couple of system switches and copy over some files from other as many tried and failed. No sir, if it were that sy, you'd find the solution all over the Internet long time ago. It's about 4 months hard work and many days until 2am in the morning. It's about 10000 lines of JAVA and C++ to crte the driver for ANT+ and for Bluetooth stack. As for the price, I'd say you saved money and hassle from buying ANT+ usb adapter. Just consider the guy worked hard and did fix a problem of your phone. In return, you trt him a decent lunch.This app has no advertisements More Info ANT+ Enabler v1.80 You can directly download the apk file with torent modded or just in Iapkandroidmarket Android APK Files Android [Mod] Apk Files » ANT+ Enabler v1.80 Full And No No No ROOT : Secured URLSecured URLSecured URLAttached s6.jpg (48.9 KB)

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